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  • Semhof® - Food like homemade and without any compromises!
    Semhof® - Food like homemade and without any compromises!

Organic premium horse food

We ourselves live a healthy and balanced diet and therefore know only too well how difficult it can be to obtain good food from a reliable source. On this occasion Semhof has made it its mission to produce trustworthy feeds for horses that promote health and prevent disease. Due to our own research and many years of experience in the field of horse keeping, riding and feeding we know what is important in the production of high-quality feed. As a premium feed supplier, we also analyse each cut individually and store it separately so that you know exactly what the analytical components of the feed are in the individual batches. We assure you absolute transparency and batch clean production as well as storage and additionally offer qualified advice and seminars. The health and well-being of the horses are our incentive! In addition to having fun at work, Semhof is very pleased to be able to offer you a varied selection of healthy premium feed. Over 25 years of experience in dealing with horses speak for themselves. Let us convince you - we are there for you!

Our goals at Semhof

A species-appropriate nutrition of horses significantly influences their well-being and is an important factor when it comes to preventing and fighting diseases. At Semhof, the focus is on imparting knowledge about balanced horse nutrition. All our products contribute to a healthy diet for horses and thus protect them from unpleasant and painful diseases. Therefore we attach particular importance to high-quality and biological ingredients as well as a proven composition of our feed.


Diseases and their indications

Your horse suffers from diseases like Cushing's or EMS? Therefore you would like to know more about the symptoms and causes of the complaints as well as about suitable treatment methods? Then you have come to the right place. We will inform you about the individual illnesses and advise you how you can tackle them by changing the food. You will find an overview of common symptoms and complaints in horses as well as countermeasures in a few months' time under our Indications heading. Here you can also read when you should definitely consult a horse healer or veterinarian.


Horse nutrition as a strong basis

The knowledge about the correct feeding of horses is very important for the health of the animals. Therefore it is advisable to inform yourself in detail about the metabolism of the animal and the correct composition of the food during feeding. In addition, an analysis of the horse's current nutritional condition is advantageous as a starting point for a change to healthier feed. You are not on your own. The Semhof company offers you various consulting services. In addition, you have the opportunity to attend seminars on nutrition, led by Simone Meyer. A species-appropriate and healthy horse nutrition should be close to the heart of every horse owner, we help you with the conversion!

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