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Hay replacement products

Balanced by pure biodiversity


It is not uncommon for horses to be unable or unable to consume sufficient basic feed via their daily heuration due to lack of hay, poor hay quality, old age, bad teeth, illness, health restrictions, operations, metabolic and hormonal diseases and many other factors. Then the hay and/or meadow cobs become interesting as a supplement or replacement. 

They are available in the same pelleting and size as the alfalfa pellets and other products. We harvest from especially old meadows, which have been adapted to the environment and nature and are therefore species-rich. The haycobs are from the first cut and are harvested with an insect- and fodder-friendly double knife mower at the beginning and middle of July. They are particularly aromatic and digestible. Whether fresh or dried, they are a tasty and healthy food for your horse. The Wiesencobs are from the second cut and therefore have more protein and a finer structure with a strong aroma. They are an excellent complement to very structured basic feed or straw. 

Medium alfalfa pellets have a particularly low protein content and a lot of structure and can therefore also be used in large quantities as a substitute for basic feed.


Semhof Bio Heucobs (Organic Haypellets)

Semhof Bio Heucobs (Organic Haypellets)

Semhof Haypellets consist of best, late mown organic meadows from species-rich plant stock from the 1st cut.
Unit price €1,45 / Kilogram
Semhof Bio Wiesencobs (Organic Meadow Pellets)

Semhof Bio Wiesencobs (Organic Meadow Pellets)

Semhof Organic Meadow Pellets are the second growth from the best, species-rich meadow stand.
Unit price €1,30 / Kilogram
Semhof Bio Luzernepellets (Organic alfalfa Pellets) Medium

Semhof Bio Luzernepellets (Organic alfalfa Pellets) Medium

Semhof Organic alfalfa Pellets Medium have an extra low protein content and are also ideal as "concentrated feed" for Icelanders and eczema sufferers as well as for all light-fodder horses and breeds.
Unit price €1,60 / Kilogram
Semhof Grünhafer Heu (Green Oats)

Semhof Grünhafer Heu (Green Oats)

Green oats is excellent for feeding heavy feed horses and horses with stomach problems. Especially in combination with the alfalfa pellets Turbo the green oats pellets are very effective.
Unit price €3,12 / Kilogram
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