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Semhof hemp products


Industrial hemp has been enjoying increasing popularity for a number of years and word of its effects has already got around considerably, not least because of the well-known CBD oil. We first cultivated our "organic hemp" with natural CBD in 2016 and many of our customers feed it with great enthusiasm because of its good tolerance and its multi-layered effectiveness.

We get the hemp oil from a good friend - although it is not from controlled organic cultivation, the fields are not treated for cultivation and we get the oil freshly pressed for us every 2-4 weeks.

The demand for organic hemp seeds has also increased significantly in recent years. We offer these seeds in pure form, without having them pressed beforehand, so that all valuable fatty acids are still available, unlike in the regularly available press cake. This makes the hemp seeds a much higher quality addition to the ration.

Convince yourself of the many possibilities with our hemp products. We are happy to help!

Semhof Organic Hanf (Organic Hemp Pellets) Rabatt-Aktion

Semhof Organic Hanf (Organic Hemp Pellets) Rabatt-Aktion

Semhof organic hemp special offer!
Semhof organic hemp is the all-rounder par excellence and can be used in many areas. It's one of our customers' favorite products and we think that speaks for itself. Try it! :-)
€109,95 SRP €77,95*
Unit price €15,59 / Kilogram
Semhof Organic Pferdehanfnüsse (Organic Hemp Seeds)

Semhof Organic Pferdehanfnüsse (Organic Hemp Seeds)

Our Semhof organic horse hemp seeds are rich in valuable, vital omega fatty acids and also cover the entire spectrum of essential amino acids.
€64,95 SRP €44,95*
Unit price €9,00 / Kilogram
Semhof Organic Hemp Protein

Semhof Organic Hemp Protein

100% best organic Hemp Protein
Unit price €14,32 / Kilogram
Semhof  Hanföl (Organic Hempoil)
€24,95 SRP €19,95*
Unit price €19,95 / Liter
Semhof Organic Leckerli Hemp
€15,95 SRP €11,95*
Unit price €11,95 / Kilogram
Bio Leckerli 3
€18,95 SRP €14,95*
Unit price €14,95 / Kilogram
Semhof Bio Mash Light+
Unit price €9,98 / Kilogram
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