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Semhof Organic Pferdehanfnüsse (Organic Hemp Seeds)

Our Semhof organic horse hemp seeds are rich in valuable, vital omega fatty acids and also cover the entire spectrum of essential amino acids.
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Semhof Organic Hemp

Semhof organic horse hemp nuts

  • very rich in high quality, essential amino acids
  • high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (over 70%)
  • very high content of tocopherol (vitamin E)
  • contains traces of CBD (cannabidiol - no intoxicating effect)
  • with a multitude of many secondary plant compounds and active ingredients
  • with high crude fiber content for intestinal health
  • rich in bulk and trace elements
  • very low in sugar
  • attractive in taste
  • not crushed or ground (do not oxidize!)


Similar to our Semhof organic hemp, the effect of the Semhof organic horse hemp nuts is based on the high content of secondary plant substances, which can have a very wide range of effects on the entire body, mind and soul of the horse. In addition, the Semhof organic horse hempnuts contain a significantly higher and purer content of essential omega fatty acids and essential aimonic acids compared to the flowers and the whole hemp plant.

Since we do not mechanically shred the product before filling (e.g. scrapping or pressing), the sensitive hemp nuts are not exposed to harmful influences such as air, light and moisture, as the feed otherwise loses its health-promoting properties. The fatty acids contained in the hemp nuts are very sensitive to oxygen and the oxidation that occurs quickly develops harmful toxins.

Semhof organic horse hemp nuts can work as follows:

Strengthening the immune system
supportive for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
have strong antioxidant properties
help against allergic reactions
have anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and anti-anxiety effects
used as an immunosuppressant (against immune diseases)
be a functional feed to combat tumor diseases
Appetite regulating (stimulating and restraining at the same time)
act against inflammatory diseases of the ears, nose and throat
can be used especially dermatologically for inflammatory skin diseases
increase the flow properties of the blood

We cannot say whether the organic horse hemp is ADMR-compliant or not. Therefore, as a precaution, we advise against feeding competition horses.

We know our products and know when and how they are best used. Our advice is non-binding and free, honest and competent.

Our feeding recommendation for Semhof organic horse hempnuts:

As a supplement to the ration 10-20 g / 100 kg body mass

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