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Semhof Bio Esparsette (Organic Esparsette)

Whoever feeds Esparsette Cobs to horses should also know the advantages. Learn more about this old crop and fodder plant.
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Article number Charge 30610446HP

Semhof Organic Esparsette


  • warm air dried and pelleted sainfoin without additives
  • with high-quality proteins
  • very low in sugar


  • low-energy
  • from the whole Esparsette plant
  • fresh fragrant without additives
  • without addition of molasses
  • 100 % organically grown
  • harvested directly from our fields which have been organically cultivated for many years
  • gently processed and dried
  • guaranteed free of ragwort and other poisonous plants

In France, Sainfoin ("sain foin") is literally translated as "healthy hay". It owes its name as an old cultivated plant to its excellent health-promoting properties in many areas. Due to industrialisation in agriculture, it was relatively unknown for a long time and has recently become increasingly popular again, as medication and therapies alone no longer achieve the desired results in many areas.

Semhof Organic Esparsette

  • has an anthelmintic, worm-driving effect due to its high content of tannins (condensed tannins). The tannins create an unattractive environment for parasites in the gastrointestinal tract by sealing the surface of the intestinal mucosa. They also reduce the surface area of attack for bacteria and have an antibacterial effect on the intestinal mucosa.
  • can have a regulating effect on digestive disorders such as excrement water and diarrhoea
  • supports the elasticity of blood vessels through its high rutin content. Rutin seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect even in low concentrations in the intestine.
  • have an anti-inflammatory effect
  • is with only 1.8 % sugar a real dietary feed - therefore also suitable for metabolism ill and sensitive horses
  • contains no starch
  • promotes the development of a healthy intestinal environment and immune system through its richly contained essential amino acids
  • promotes muscle building
  • can be used flexibly, permanently or for short periods of time
  • enhances the basic feed ration with nutrients

With Semhof Bio Esparsette you can supplement or replace the concentrated feed of your horse. It can also be used as a vermifuging feed for sheep and goats.

ATTENTION: The current batch is rather crumbly.


Analytical components

Semhof Organic Esparsette (Charge 30610446HP)

dry matter content 94.2 % fresh substance dry substance
Crude protein %: 11.8 12.5
Crude fibre %: 30.7 32.5
Total sugar %: 1.8 1.9
Digestible crude protein horses %: 7.6 8.0
Digestible energy horses DE MJ/kg: 7.3 7.7
metabolic energy horses ME MJ/kg: 5.7 6.1



Our feeding recommendation for Semhof Organic Esparsette:

You can feed Semhof Organic Esparsette soaked or dry. When fed wet, a ratio of 1:1 to 1:2 (1 cup of sainfoin pellets and 1-2 cups of water) with a short swelling time of 10-30 minutes is ideal. Dry feeding is also possible for horses that eat slowly and thus salivate sufficiently. For smaller doses, you can generally administer the pellets dry. Also suitable for dosage via automatic feeders.

  As a supplement to heuration
ponies 0.05 – 0.5 kg
special breeds 0.1 – 0.7 kg
large horses 0.2 – 2.0 kg
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