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Semhof Bio Grünhafer (Organic Green Oats Pellets)

Green oats is excellent for feeding heavy feed horses and horses with stomach problems. Especially in combination with the alfalfa pellets Turbo the green oats pellets are very effective.
Grünhafer ist hervorragend geeignet zum Auffüttern schwerfuttrig
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Article number Charge 30410800A
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Semhof Organic Green Oat Pellets

  • with low to medium protein content
  • only 1.5 % starch (normal oat grains have approx. 40 %)
  • with high energy content (comparable to oat grains)
  • analysed wet-chemically and batch pure
  • directly from our own production
  • harvested from the oat whole plant end of flowering
  • fresh fragrant without additives
  • without addition of molasses
  • 100 % organically grown
  • gently processed and dried
  • guaranteed free of ragwort and other poisonous plants


Semhof Organic Green Oat Pellets harvested from the whole plant at the end of flowering are an excellent concentrate substitute with significantly less stress in the stomach, intestines and metabolism than is the case with the feeding of cereal grains. In contrast to the pure cereal grain, the minimal starch contained in the pellets is distributed over the entire plant. The energy content is almost as high as that of oats in the grain, as the raw fibre is very high-quality and easily digestible. Green oats are particularly suitable for horses that are sensitive to digestion and heavy fodder, also for horses with stomach ulcers. A suitable feed also for horses, which need a milder energy feed in comparison to cereal grains for the achievement balance or for the weight increase. Green oats could also be a suitable feed for substance build-up in metabolism-sensitive horses.

Oats were named the medicinal plant of the year 2017. In addition to its grains, which are used classically in horse feeding, it also provides additional remedies through its straw and herb. Due to its high proportion of silicon (silicic acid), oat straw can have a soothing effect on inflammatory skin diseases and itching.

The oat herb has a high proportion of quantitative and trace elements and, like hemp, is rich in secondary plant substances such as anti-inflammatory flavonoids and immunomodulating saponins.

We know our products exactly and know when and how to use them best. Our advice is non-binding and free of charge, honest and competent. Let us advise you!


Analytical Components

Semhof Organic Green Oat Pellets (Charge 30410800A)

dry matter content 90,9 % fresh substance dry substance
Crude protein %: 11,9 13,0
Crude fibre %: 29,1 32,0
Total sugar %: 4,0 4,3
Thickness %: 0,4 0,4
Crude fat approx. %: 1,8 2,1
Digestible crude protein horses %: 7,6 8,3
Digestible energy horses DE MJ/kg: 7,2 7,9
Energy horses ME MJ/kg: 5,7 6,2


Our feeding recommendation for Semhof organic green oat pellets:

You can feed Semhof Organic Green Oat Pellets soaked or dry. When fed wet, a ratio of 1:2 (1 cup green oat pellets and 2 cups water) with a short swelling time of 10-45 minutes is ideal. Dry feeding is also possible for horses that eat slowly and thus salivate sufficiently. For smaller doses, e.g. as a treat, you can generally administer the pellets dry.

  In addition to the heuration**
ponies 0.1 – 0.8 kg
special breeds 0.2 – 1.5 kg
large horses 0.5 – 3.5 kg
| Nina 11-11-2020 08:17

Schönes Produkt, das meinem Vollblutwallach sehr gut schmeckt, er freut sich jeden Tag auf sein Abendessen. Da ich schon mit der Neigung zu Magengeschwüren bei Vollblütern zu tun hatte, habe ich ein Produkt gesucht, das magenschonend ist, ihm aber genug Energie liefert, sodass er bei der Arbeit frisch und munter ist und anständig aufbaut. Die Grünhaferpellets zeigen nach zwei Wochen Fütterung schon ihre Wirkung. Eine Anmerkung muss ich jedoch machen, da ich die uneingeweichte Fütterungsempfehlung als sehr kritisch empfinde. Die Pellets haben gut und gerne mit ausreichend Wasser ein Quellverhalten um das dreifache ihres Trockenvolumens. Bei kleinen Mengen ist das sicher unbedenklich, bei großen Mengen jedoch ein Risiko!
Von daher, tolles Futtermittel, das man aber m.M.n. aber auf jeden Fall quellen lassen sollte.

| Eva Foerster 25-07-2020 19:17

Füttere ich meinem schwerfüttrigen Wallach im Winter zu, damit er genug gesunde Basis hat bei der Gruppenhaltung und er liebt sie auch im Sommer als Leckerli ...

| Lotta 30-09-2019 21:49

Top Qualität, wird sehr gerne gefressen!

| Yvonne Beiler 14-04-2019 22:25

Die Cobs schmecken meinem Mäkelpony sehr gut, zudem ist er schwerfuttrig und magenempfindlich. Da er getreidefrei ernährt wird, eine sehr gute Alternative. Die Qualität ist top!

5 stars based on 4 reviews