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Semhof Bio Luzernepellets (Organic alfalfa Pellets) Turbo

Rich in high-quality proteins/amino acids with medium sugar content and high energy content.
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Article number Charge 30610620SH
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Semhof Organic alfalfa Pellets Turbo


  • rich in high-quality proteins
  • with medium sugar content
  • with high energy content
  • good source of slowly releasing energy
  • analysed wet-chemically and batch pure
  • from the alfalfa whole plant
  • fresh fragrant without additives
  • without addition of molasses
  • 100 % organically grown
  • harvested directly from us in the Ries on long-standing organic fields
  • gently processed and dried
  • guaranteed free of ragwort and other poisonous plants

The Semhof Bio alfalfa Turbo is our most solid alfalfa. It is particularly suitable for young and old horses, sport horses as well as pregnant and lactating mares and stallions of all breeds. It supports the growth of horses and is also very suitable for old animals suffering from loss of substance.


Semhof Bio alfalfapellets Turbo is our most solid alfalfa from our range and enjoys great popularity due to its high lysine content. It is the right food especially for old, heavily used as well as young and breeding horses. They contain more than 15 % raw protein as well as a lot of natural quantity and trace elements in organic form, which can be easily absorbed by the horse and excreted in case of oversupply. An all-round rich feed with a moderate sugar content, which in turn has a positive effect on the metabolism. Even with small amounts, a lot can be achieved here. It serves above all as a supplier of building blocks, which is especially important for muscle growth and substance maintenance. It equally supports young horses with a lot of calcium and helps to prevent wear and tear in horses at work through improved regeneration possibilities.


In addition, Semhof Bio alfalfapellets Turbo are an optimal feed for heavy fodder horses to compensate for fluctuations and deficits in their roughage ration.

When harvesting our alfalfa, we take great care to meet the respective requirements of different horses in their species.

The essential amino acids contained in alfalfa also help you to increase the value of your heurations.

We know our products exactly and know when and how to use them best. Our advice is non-binding and free of charge, honest and competent.



Analytical components

Semhof Organic alfalfa Pellets Turbo (Charge 30610620SH)

dry matter content 92.2 % fresh substance dry substance
Crude protein %: 19.4 21.0
Crude fibre %: 17.0 18.5
Total sugar %: 7.1 7.6
Digestible crude protein horses %: 12.4 13.4
Digestible energy horses DE MJ/kg: 9.6 10.4
Energy horses ME MJ/kg: 7.7 8.4



Our feeding recommendation for Semhof Organic alfalfa Pellets Turbo:

You can feed Semhof Bio alfalfapellets Turbo soaked or dry. When fed wet, a ratio of 1:2 (1 cup alfalfa pellets and 2 cups water) with a short swelling time of 10-45 minutes is ideal. Dry feeding is also possible for horses that eat slowly and thus salivate sufficiently. For smaller doses, you can generally administer the pellets dry. Also suitable for dosage via automatic feeders.


  As a supplement to heuration As a complete replacement for hiring**
ponies 0.05 – 0.5 kg 0.7 – 2.0 kg
special breeds 0.1 – 0.7 kg 1.6 – 4.5 kg
large horses 0.2 – 2.0 kg 3.0 – 5.0 kg
| Heike.Rohl 06-05-2021 12:58

Ich bestellen schon seit Jahren, diese Luzerne. Unser Traber hatte damals Eiweißmangel. Besseres gibt es nirgendwo.

| Kerstin 28-08-2020 23:25

Hochwertiges Futter, trocken als auch eingeweicht ideal. Die Pferde speicheln das Futter sehr viel ein und es reicht nur eine geringe Menge aus.

| Eva Foerster 25-07-2020 19:15

tolles Futter bei Gruppenhaltung für ein schwerfüttriges Pferd

| G. Schmidt 01-04-2019 13:08

Ich schätze die tollen, sehr hochwertigen Produkte und das wertvolle Know-How von der Chefin :-)

| Michaela Wohn 18-02-2019 11:34

Ein tolles Produkt. Mein Wallach mag z.B. kein handelsübliches Mash. Dieses hier nimmt er gerne an und wartet förmlich darauf.
Er bekommt es als Belohnung nach der Arbeit - 2 kleine Hände voll - lauwarm eingeweicht.

| D.V. 20-01-2019 15:57

Bei meinem 23jährigem Trakehner war Ende Oktober 2018 u.a. Eiweißmangel festgestellt worden. Seitdem bekommt er Semhof Bio Luzernepellets Turbo. Bei der Nachkontrolle Ende Dezember 2018 war der Wert wieder in Ordnung. (Für die kurze Beratung in Form der Beantwortung meiner im Rahmen der Bestellung übersandten Fragen war ich zusätzlich besonders dankbar!) Produkt und Service begeistern!

| Matthias Weiß 04-12-2018 11:09

Ein wirklich tolles Produkt!

5 stars based on 7 reviews