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Semhof Bio Brennnnesselcobs (Organic Nettle Pellets)

The delicious mineral bomb, nettle, the sensible feeding component.
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Article number Charge 30610143N

Semhof Organic Nettle pellets


  • very rich in high-quality proteins/amino acids
  • with a variety of secondary plant compounds
  • rich in quantitative and trace elements
  • very low in sugar
  • from the whole nettle plant
  • fresh fragrant without additives
  • without addition of molasses
  • gently dried and pelletised
  • guaranteed free of ragwort and other poisonous plants


Semhof organic nettle pellets are a real powerhouse of nature. As one of the oldest forage plants, the nettle can be used very versatile and broadly as well as show its effect on different levels. Especially for strengthening the immune system during times of greater stress, e.g. during the change of coat or in the case of increased metabolic stress due to various factors, it is an effective way to support the horse with a natural feed. 

Also for the support of the immune system, the nettle has proven itself as one of the oldest feed plants over the millennia. 

At the same time it is a true nutrient bomb with a high density of essential nutrients such as amino acids, bulk and trace elements and vitamins. These support the coat change as well as the healthy immune system.

The nettle promotes the flushing out of excess water via the kidneys. Please provide a sufficient supply of good drinking water!


Due to the high leaf content, nettles are very pelletized and do not soak well. For horses with dental problems, feed suitability may be limited. The nettle cobs can also be used as a treat.

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Analytical components

Semhof Organic Nettle pellets (Charge 30610312HP)

Dry matter content 90.9 % fresh substance dry substance
Crude protein %: 16.5 18.2
Crude fibre %: 16.9 18.6
Total sugar %: 3.5 3.9
Crude fat %: 1.9 2.1
Digestible crude protein horse % 11.0 12.1
Digestible energy horses DE MJ/kg: 7.8 8.6
Energy horses ME MJ/kg: 6.2 6.8
Calcium %: 4.20 4.62
Phosphor %: 0.47 0.52
Magnesium %: 0.64 0.70
Potassium %: 2.93 3.23
Sulphur %: 0.58 0.64
Copper mg/kg: 12 13
Zinc mg/kg: 33 36
Manganese mg/kg: 74 81



Our feeding recommendation for Semhof Organic Nettle pellets:

As a supplement to the ration 20 g / 100 kg body mass.

We recommend feeding the nettle pellets slowly and mixing them with the feed.

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