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Semhof Bio Hafer (Organic Oat) Gold

Oats - the most natural nutrient bomb - for horses that tolerate oats well an excellent concentrated feed, many essential amino acids, high crude fiber content, moderate energy, much essential omega-3 fatty acid.
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Semhof Organic Oat Gold

Oats have the highest precise starch digestibility in the whole grain of all cereals at 80-90 %. In horses, starch can only be broken down and digested by amylase (enzymes) in the small intestine in a nutritionally correct way. Too much starch that is difficult to digest, such as that from other cereals (e.g. untreated barley, wheat or maize), leads to digestion problems and can cause colic as well as stress for the animal. For this reason, barley or maize, for example, should only be fed hydrothermally digested.
If you want to feed your horse natural and species-appropriate cereals, only oats are suitable. Mechanically treated oats, such as oat meal, have a precise starch digestibility of 96.5 - 99.7 %, but this feed is very limited in its shelf life because it begins to oxidise after milling. Contrary to many people's opinion, crushing oats does not bring much, or in the worst case can even worsen the recycling result. Here the precise starch digestibility is identical to that of oats in the whole grain with 80-90 %, but with a reduced shelf life.

It is best to feed hay first and at least 15 minutes delay the grain concentrates. This means that the acid in the stomach is already slightly buffered. Above all, it counteracts the problem of hyperacidity caused by the interaction of concentrated feed and stomach acid.

In order to prolong the feeding times and promote better salivation, oats can be excellently combined with lucerne chaff. The Phopsphor surplus through the grain is also directly balanced.

We guarantee that Semhof Bio Hafer meets the highest quality requirements. It has food quality and is also processed into oat flakes. You get organic oats of the first choice for your horse from us.


Semhof Bio Hafer Gold currently has a weight per hectolitre of approx. 56 kg/hl.

It has been cleaned twice.
A cover fruit contains minimal residues of lentils. Due to their identical size, these cannot be cleaned out better with oat grains and the similar weight. However, they are only minimally contained and completely harmless.

| Kirsten 17-06-2020 08:55

Hafer hat eine sehr gute Qualität. Wird sehr gerne gefressen und wird auch in Zukunft im Futtertrog landen :)

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