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  • Competent nutritional advice with heart and horse sense

    Competent nutritional advice with heart and horse sense

Welcome to my courses and seminars!


"Well, what's there to say? For about 25 years I have been collecting my experiences about horses, about the body, the soul, nature, the human being, the horse, unity and much, much more. It delights me again and again that I can and may pass on my wealth of experience in this wonderful way. Thank you for being there with me!
A huge and heartfelt thank you also to my whole team, which supports me and contributes again and again to the best possible harvest results and everything that belongs to it!

Simone Meyer


My Seminars

The holistic approach in horse husbandry


I love horses. Ride for over 20 years and have 12 years of active involvement in organic farming. I have acquired my knowledge of equine nutrition through my own experience with our horses and the horses in our stable and according to the latest scientific findings.

It is not only about fodder, but also about fodder cultivation, harvesting, pasture management, deworming and much more. Above all, the appropriate husbandry is very important to me, because I stand for a holistic approach to horse health.

I hope that my courses and seminars are an impulse for a new awareness and a different way of dealing with horses. I would like to give you concrete insights into what is important in horse nutrition and look forward to healthy, satisfied horses and their people.


Take responsibility for the natural feeding of your horse, even if it is not in your own stable. I will teach you how to use the right feeds to relieve the liver and kidneys, bring the metabolism back into balance and thus activate the horse's self-healing powers. Learn from me how your horse is optimally cared for and not overloaded. I work independently of brands and products.

I look forward to seeing you and your horse!
Seminar Crash course

Crash course

During an entertaining presentation you will learn about the basics of horse feeding, the metabolism of horses and the causes of metabolic disorders.
Seminar Intensive Seminar I

Intensive Seminar I

The intensive seminars are designed for all those who want to delve deeper into the matter. For two days we will take our time in a small circle and I will explain how you can become an absolute feeding specialist for your horse.
Seminar Intensive Seminar II

Intensive Seminar II

For all those who cannot get enough information about feed, I have developed the intensive seminar II (advanced training) - we get deeper into the matter.
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