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The sainfoin is a rediscovered ancient cultivated plant and a relative of the alfalfa. The higher tannin content (condensed tannins) has a caring and anthelmintic effect on the intestinal mucosa.

The ancient medicinal plant hemp has also aroused our enthusiasm: Hemp is known for its regulating and anti-inflammatory effect. Countless secondary plant substances as well as essential nutrients make it a real fountain of youth even in small quantities.

To ensure the supply of the essential Omega 3 fatty acid, especially in winter, it is best to feed our fresh organic linseed oil. We regularly have them freshly pressed for us, which guarantees excellent quality and allows your horse to enjoy the benefits of the valuable and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid!

Semhof Bio Esparsette (Organic Esparsette)

Semhof Bio Esparsette (Organic Esparsette)

Whoever feeds Esparsette Cobs to horses should also know the advantages. Learn more about this old crop and fodder plant.
Unit price €3,42 / Kilogram
Semhof Organic new Hanf (Organic Hemp Pellets)

Semhof Organic new Hanf (Organic Hemp Pellets)

Organic Hemp is the all-rounder par excellence and can be used in many areas and with many symptoms, also preventively meaningful.
Unit price €19,30 / Kilogram
Semhof Bio Brennnnesselcobs (Organic Nettle Pellets)

Semhof Bio Brennnnesselcobs (Organic Nettle Pellets)

The all-rounder in naturopathy and a mineral bomb, stinging nettle can also be used preventively useful
Unit price €13,47 / Kilogram
Semhof  Bio Leinöl (Organic Linseed Oil)

Semhof Bio Leinöl (Organic Linseed Oil)

Semhof organic linseed oil at top price is always freshly pressed and is bottled regularly by us. It can specifically counteract an Omega 3 fatty acid deficiency.
Unit price €12,95 / Liter
Semhof  Hanföl (Organic Hempoil)
Unit price €24,95 / Liter
Semhof Grünhafer Heu (Green Oats)

Semhof Grünhafer Heu (Green Oats)

Green oats is excellent for feeding heavy feed horses and horses with stomach problems. Especially in combination with the alfalfa pellets Turbo the green oats pellets are very effective.
Unit price €3,12 / Kilogram
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