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Semhof Bio Unmelassierte Rübenschnitzel (organic Beet, no added molasses Pellets)

Fibre feed with extremely low sugar content of only 9,1 % - no starch - excellent for metabolism sensitive horses.
Faserfutter mit extrem niedrigem Zucker von nur 9,1 % - keine Stärke - hervorragend für Stoffwechsel empfindliche Pferde.
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Semhof Organic Unmelassierte Beet Schnitzel

  • 90.9 % sugar-free!
  • Total sugar: 9.1 %.
  • high-quality fibre as energy supplier
  • excellent source of slowly releasing energy
  • very suitable for metabolism sensitive horses
  • with a very low total sugar content of only 9.0 %.
  • pelletized processing form for best possible preservation and durability
  • analysed wet-chemically and batch pure
  • not pre-cooked or otherwise treated
  • without addition of molasses
  • without addition of binding agents
  • 100 % organically grown

Semhof Bio Unmelassierte beet pulp has a high proportion of easily soluble fibres. With an unbeatable 7.1 % total sugar they have a very low glycaemic index. They are an exceptionally metabolic-relieving energy feed, which is particularly suitable for sensitive horses with a tendency to metabolic disorders including laminitis. 

Of course the feed can be used as an energy supplement for sport horses, distance horses, old horses, horses that are too thin, horses with dental problems or horses with Cushing/insulin resistance/EMS etc. It regulates and reduces the feeling of hunger in insulin resistance by supplying the cells with volatile fatty acids as energy carriers (produced from the fibres). 

Semhof Bio Unmelassierte beet pulp has good prebiotic properties due to its good fibre usability and has a strengthening effect on the digestive tract of the horse during intestinal rehabilitation. 

We recommend feeding with 4 times the amount of water soaked pellets in combination with hay and/or lucerne pellets. 

The fibres of the unmelassed beet pulp store the added moisture very well and slowly release the water back to the horse in the digestive tract, which can counteract dehydration, especially in the case of sport horses or on hot summer days.

We know our products exactly and know when and how to use them best. Our advice is non-binding and free of charge, honest and competent.



Analytische Bestandteile

Semhof Bio Unmelassierte Rübenschnitzel (Charge 30610404)

dry matter content 90.1 %

fresh substance

dry substance

Crude protein %:



Crude fibre %:

18.8 20.9

Total sugar %:

9.1 10.1

Crude fat %:

0.8 0.9

Digestible energy horses DE MJ/kg:

9.5 10.5

Energy horses ME MJ/kg:

8.6 9.5

Verd. crude protein

10.9 12.2


Our feeding recommendation for Semhof Organic Unmelassierte Beet Schnitzel

You can feed Semhof Bio Unmelassierte beet pulp exclusively soaked. Our recommendation is to pour 4 times the amount of water over the feed and let it swell for several hours, possibly overnight. 



As a supplement to heuration


0.1 – 0.5 kg

special breeds

0.3 – 1.5 kg

large horses

0.4 – 2.0 kg

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